Surf into a journey of delightful flavors!

  • Cheesecake

    Cheesecake lovers, have no fear. You can now succumb to your insatiable cheesecake cravings without sacrificing taste when you try our heavenly Nonfat Cheesecake yogurt.

    Birthday Cake

    Pretend every day is your birthday with our Nonfat Birthday Cake yogurt! It’s like eating real birthday cake in every bite – candles are optional!

    Banana Rama

    You’ll go bananas for this deliciously ripe treat! Our Nonfat Banana Rama swirls real banana puree throughout to create a frozen yogurt!

  • Classic Cheesecake

    Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Cheesecake bits, strawberries and graham crumbs.

    Breezy Breeze

    Yogurt Shakes
    Plain yogurt, Coconut, Pineapple and Strawberries.

    Chocolate Monster

    Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream Delicious Brownies, chocolate fudge and cookie dough.


Book your party!

We created a specially and unique party for your child, with three combinations: the best birthday child, delicious frozen yogurt and a lots fun for everyone, that will make your party unforgettable. Book your party here


Enjoy your new spooky flavors.
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